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Research Supervisors: Thesis Writing Workshop

Target audience: Supervisors of research students
Materials: Please see comment below

Providing feedback on candidates writing...

Supervisors’ advice to HDR students on drafts of thesis chapters and related conference papers carries a high information and purpose load; supervisors’ comments simultaneously communicate content information, provide evaluative assessment and point to learning directions for candidates, as well as contributing to the interpersonal supervisor-student relationship on which they are predicated. Yet, despite such a critical role in the progress of candidature, providing feedback is something that supervisors often do without reflecting on actually, why and how they are going about it.

At this workshop we will examine the writing development process, offer strategies for advising candidates on their writing and hopefully improve your ability to provide feedback on editorial changes to drafts. The workshop may also help you increase your own self-confidence and efficiency as writers.

This workshop is facilitated by Associate Professor Anne Jasman, Teacher Education, Faculty of Education.

Please note: If you would like to go away with examples of feedback discourse that are relevant and useful to your particular student, please send a draft of his/her writing-in-progress (or your own if you are a recent research candidate) to by 17 March 2011)

Please note: From 2012 this course will be titled 'Supervisor Accreditation 3: Guiding your candidature to dissertation completion'.