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Negotiation Skills Workshop

Target audience: Any USQ Employees who are interested in learning how to negotiate for everyday life.
Materials: None

Each of us negotiates everyday both personally and professionally.  For some it seems easy, however, others view the process of negotiation as a terrifying prospect to be resisted and avoided.  Once we understand what constitutes a negotiation we can enhance our skills to reduce stress, save time and money and achieve our objectives.  This interactive workshop provides an overview of win-win negotiations. 

At the conclusion of the workshop each participant will be able to:

  • Discover the value of a BATNA, preparation and planning in successful negotiations
  • Identify the process of negotiation and how to use positive strategies and cooperative skills
  • Anticipate the other parties' needs, arguments and methods
  • Demonstrate active listening and questioning techniques
  • Identify negative negotiating behaviours, their effects, and how to counteract them
  • Explain the benefits on using a cooperative negotiating style to achieve win-win outcomes.

The course is a practical approach to improving participants' negotiating performance.  It is facilitator led and participants undertake exercises to enhance their understanding of negotiation styles and processes that will enable them to be more efficient negotiators.