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Winning Hearts and Minds at Work with the Enneagram

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Target audience: All USQ Managers and Leaders
Materials: None


A powerful tool describing nine distinctly different personality profiles. Organisations depend on people working co-cooperatively. They are finding the Enneagram invaluable in creating more effective leaders and teams. It improves management, communication, productivity, motivation and development of staff.

The Enneagram extends far beyond personality type descriptions by getting to the very heart of how people operate… by understanding our internal drivers and motivations.

“The Enneagram is the single, most productive, insightful, and practical tool available to help us grasp the depth and complexity of human personality.”


You will understand how your greatest leadership strength… might also be your greatest weakness!

You will also be able to:

  • Better manage the different types of people within the team;
  • Create high-performance teams by sharpening your knowledge of team members' motivations, thereby increasing performance & productivity;
  • Communicate so others truly understand what you mean to say;
  • Give feedback so others are less defensive;
  • Prevent conflict, and handle disputes and misunderstandings more effectively;
  • Tailor staff development, and improve the effectiveness of coaching and training.

About the Presenter:

Hilary Langford has built an impressive reputation throughout Australia and New Zealand , in the public, private and academic sectors. For over 30 years, she has specialised in the people-aspects of organisational life, including leadership, managing change, and addressing team issues. Hilary only teaches what she finds useful in practice. Her workshops are state-of-the-art, yet address the real-life issues faced by organisational leaders and staff at all levels. Participants will find solutions to current issues that puzzle them, about themselves and others, in their workplace and at home.

Hilary has been presenting and using the Enneagram for many years to help people within organizations interact and work with each other more productively. She is certified as an Enneagram teacher through the Enneagram Professional Training Program under Helen Palmer and David Daniels MD, world exponents in the Enneagram.

Hilary received the ATEM President's Award for services to ATEM and universities in 2005. Part of the citation reads "Hilary's unique delivery style enthuses and inspires while she is providing knowledge and skills that really do add to the workplace abilities of ATEM members. The constant in Hilary's programs has been her commitment to and focus on people as individuals, and the need to win their hearts and minds when we face changes and challenges".

Please be advised that a $50 'no-show' fee will apply where a registered participant withdraws without notice. Occasionally a session may be made unviable by late cancellations – as this may incur presenter's costs the 'no show ' fee is necessary. Forty-eight (48) hours notice of withdrawal is required except in exceptional circumstances.

Participants are expected to attend both days of the workshop