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USQ Recruitment and Selection Skills Workshop

Target audience: All USQ employees who will participate on a Recruitment and Selection panel
Materials: Participants will receive a comprehensive reference book, which will form a vital tool in planning future recruitment actions.

Course Aims

This program will provide you with knowledge of the University's policy and procedures in relation to employee selection and recruitment.  The workshop addresses key elements of the recruitment and selection process, appropriate legislation regarding equal opportunity of employment and the merit principle, implications of internal appeals and demonstrates the need to thoroughly plan any recruitment activity.

Key Objectives

At the conclusion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge of the recruitment approval process
  • Be aware of the standard timeframes for recruitment and steps involved
  • Develop a position description that addressed current and future needs of the job to be filled
  • Develop appropriate selection criteria (including issues of job design, minimum provisions, classification levels and the like)
  • Evaluate applications against shortlisting criteria
  • Develop an interview plan and conduct interviews
  • Conduct consensus decision making
  • Complete necessary documentation and approvals

This full day workshop discusses issues of recruitment theory followed by an overview of USQ policy.  The second half of the program exposes participants to a skills practice where all elements of the recruitment process, post advertising, are undertaken.  Participants will conduct interviews and make recommendations based on their findings.  Employees will grasp the significance of adequate planning and preparation in the conduct of the recruitment and selection function.