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How to Conduct Manual Tasks in the University Workplace

How to Conduct Manual tasks in the University Workplace

Overview Overview

Manual Handling is any activity involving the use of muscular effort to life, move, push, pull , carry, hold, or restrain any object. It may also include stretching, bending, sustained and awkward postures, and repetitive movements. It involves more than lifting heavy weights and affects more than the back.

Poor manual handling practice is one of the most common hazards confronted by people in workplaces. However, manual handing injuries are preventable. Often, the application of good lifting techniques can minimise the risk of harm.

Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes

  • Practical training and understanding of the Manual Tasks 2000 Code of Practice.
  • The basics of good lifting techniques to minimise harm.

Suitability Suitability

All academic and professional employees.

Duration Duration

2 hours.

Inclusions Inclusions