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Ignite: Relationships@Work: Workplace conferencing - a restorative approach to conflict transformation

Target audience: All USQ employees
Materials: Nil

 Are you looking for a new approach to addressing conflict in the workplace?  Relationships@Work centres problem solving around an exploration of the harm that has been done and how to repair it.

The fundamental premise of the restorative approach to conflict resolution is that people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when managers take a collaborative approach to solve problems.

This two-day workshop will provide you with:

  • a better understanding and skill in what is needed to create, maintain and repair workplace relationships,
  • the opportunity to develop skills in creating robust, productive and emotionally healthy workplaces,
  • a better understanding of the negative and positive emotions in the workplace,
  • the development of skills in understanding the complexities that hinder resolution processes, and
  • practical (hands-on) opportunities to analyse workplace conflict situations and design appropriate processes.