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Ignite: Encouraging Employee Engagement

Ignite: Encouraging Employee Engagement

Overview Overview

Do you wish to instill a sense of enthusiasm and ingenuity into your workspace so that not only is it a fun and productive environment, but you also have staff who are engaged in their roles, and genuinely strive for individual and organisational success? The value of having engaged employees is immeasurable. Possessing strong leadership skills for employee engagement is the key!

This workshop will provide you with the skill set for assisting in developing positive, engaged organisational cultures, and provide practical, empowering strategies for effective role modelling of positive behaviours. The workshop further acknowledges the importance of "the whole person in the whole job" philosophy, and looks at ways in which to utilise individual talents and preferences within their specific role.

Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concepts of employee engagement.
  • Encourage employee engagement at USQ.

Suitability Suitability

All academic and professional employees who aspire to be in or are currently in a leadership or management role.

Duration Duration

1 day^.

Inclusions Inclusions


^Please note a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged where notification of non-attendance is not received within forty-eight (48) hours.

"The presenter was clear, excited, open and real. My colleagues were engaged, enthusiastic, warm and realistic"