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Ignite: Effective Business Writing and Workplace Communication Skills

Target audience: All USQ employees who are currently in or aspire to be in a supervisor/manager role.
Materials: Notepad and pen

On a daily basis, managers are required to effectively communicate with employees from all levels within the organisation, as well as external clients. A vast amount of this communication occurs through written methods, highlighting the importance of being able to correspond in a concise, professional, and timely manner.

Through this one-day workshop, you will gain knowledge on the fundamentals of business writing (including grammar and syntax), how to use email as an effective business communication tool, how to communicate clearly and concisely in order to promote a professional image, and how to understand the challenges and benefits of using different methods of communication (e.g. electronic vs telephone or face-to-face).

Please be advised that a $50 'no-show' fee will apply where a registered participant withdraws without notice. Occasionally a session may be made unviable by late cancellations – as this may incur presenter's costs the 'no show ' fee is necessary. Forty-eight (48) hours notice of withdrawal is required except in exceptional circumstances.

Participants are expected to attend the whole session.