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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cross-Cultural Awareness

Target audience: All USQ staff
Materials: Notebook and pen


This program is designed to provide USQ employees with a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. It is aimed at developing strategies that can be implemented within the workplace and student learning environment. Through discussion and activities, participants will gain knowledge and skills to enable USQ employees to communicate effectively, and confidently support, work beside and/or supervise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.

This one day workshop will cover:

  • History
  • Defining culture
  • Traditional lives
  • Contemporary lives
  • Communication styles
  • Discrimination and stereotypes
  • Health issues
  • Community issues
  • Strategies – student learning environment, workplace, performance, mentorship, education.

This course is facilitated by Charlie Waters (W & S Waters Pty Ltd). W & S Waters Pty Ltd is a Toowoomba based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Project Services organisation, and was formed to meet a demand for a service that strengthens the educational and skills development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to employment and job security, thus increasing the skill developments for businesses and organisations that work closely with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.