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Promoting a Constructive Culture

Target audience: All USQ employees
Materials: Nil

Kotter and Heskett’s 11 year study clearly showed a four fold difference in long term revenue growth between constructive and defensive cultures.

This one day workshop is designed to enable leaders to assess their own culture and make the necessary changes to promote a constructive culture within their teams or organisation

The one day workshop will cover:
• Key differences between constructive and defensive cultures
• Key leadership actions in shaping culture
• Assessing the ‘health’ of your current culture and mapping out a plan of action to address restraints
• Leveraging motivational triggers within the workplace
• Organisational and team case study analysis

The course is facilitated by Jon Morgan (Foresight Learning

Please be advised that a $50 'no-show' fee will apply where a registered participant withdraws without notice. Occasionally a session may be made unviable by late cancellations – as this may incur presenter's costs the 'no show ' fee is necessary. Forty-eight (48) hours notice of withdrawal is required except in exceptional circumstances.