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Customer Service Series: The USQ Difference - Brand Workshop

Target audience: USQ & Student Guild Staff who are not in a supervisory/managerial position
Materials: Nil

Have you heard the word "brand" mentioned at USQ and think it's just a "marketing thing" and nothing to do with you?

  • Do you get confused when you are told to "live the USQ Brand", but don't even know what that means?
  • Do you ever wonder what makes USQ different from all other universities? And if someone asked you what that difference was, would you know what to say?

In you have a lot of questions?

Well, we have the answers!

Whether you are one of our passionate staff who has been here for many years, or a new member to the USQ community, it is vital you know:

  • USQ's current position in the higher education sector,
  • What makes us different, and
  • Why you are an important part of USQ's ability to deliver the promises we make to students and the wider community.

A brand is much more than a logo, the colours and the marketing brochures. In this interactive workshop we will take you on a journey to understand:

  • What a brand is,
  • Why it is important for a university to have a strong brand,
  • What USQ's brand position and relationship strategy is, and
  • How you can play a vital role in delivering USQ's brand promise.

This session will answer all of these questions and more. As an outcome you will understand who USQ is, why we think you are such an important part of our success and how you can take ownership of the USQ brand in your position.