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Valuing Generational Differences at Work

Target audience: All USQ Employees
Materials: Nil

Many workplaces today have a diverse range of generational representation. And although most of us don’t appreciate being ‘labeled’, we can easily single out the differences between these generations. There are the Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, and Generation X-ers who each have a unique culture regarding work ethic, respect and authority. So how do we learn to speak the same language? Is it possible to find common ground and utilise the strengths within each generation?

The aim of this innovative workshop is to:

  • Create an understanding of the different generational groups (aspirations and attitudes, values and needs, and communication styles)
  • Overcome generational tensions within work groups so each individual is both empowered and acknowledged effectively
  • Allow generational groups to create ‘successful’ environments in their workplace
  • Implement strategies within workplaces which empower and enable generational groups resulting in stronger commitments to the organisation

This one day workshop is practical for any workplace seeking generational harmony within their team and aims to promote tools for improved retention.

Workshop facilitated by Di Feldman (Feldman & Associates)